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    Go beyond the standard channel-check and get custom intelligence for your needs built off our proprietary in-store research and analysis methodology.

  • On-the-Ground, Around-the-globe

    Access the world with a wider lens through our more than 70 individuals in the US and abroad. We go after data direct from the source, no matter where that source is.

  • Exclusively

    Feel secure that your projects are yours alone. Our restricted list is the tightest in the industry and ensures that you stand at the front of the line in today’s knowledge race.

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    Pull into the lead when you work with us as we roll up our sleeves to get to the answers you need in record time. Whether in-the-moment or ongoing, our partnership with you goes the extra mile.

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Our method brings structured observation to the store. Combining human fieldwork with systematic data collection across national and global locations, we’re so much more than channel checks.

Our Approach:

  • A team of highly educated college graduates: Ivy League or top-50 schools, including lawyers and MBAs.

  • Highly adaptive individuals able to handle complex qualitative and quantitative questions

  • Compliance approved and exclusive



Being hypothesis-driven allows us to zero in on a business’ leading indicators. We focus on the metrics that matter, automatically filter information, and deliver only what is needed for you to act.

Sample Questions:

  • Are promotions ramping up faster than anticipated and killing margin?

  • How big can a new vendor at WalMart really get? When will we see its sales plateau?

  • Do sales associates really mention my product first to customers?



Working at the intersection of innovation and change, we step fearlessly into the future. Be it launching new products, unraveling new markets, or transforming challenged business, we deliver actionable, immediate results.

Previous Engagements include:

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with retail sales staff to measure a private equity portfolio company's new product launch

  • Surveyed store associates and managers on a new product trend as follow-up to monthly research and analysis for a hedge fund

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Evidence of Success

With our abilities to take on complexity, focus on metrics that matter most and generate actionable intelligence, we offer a range of services second-to-none and right-on-the-mark.

  1. Overview


    Case Study: International Consumer Brand

    Conducted research, analysis, and consulting for a US-based Institutional Investor. Global in-store reads analyzed every 4 weeks led to an early negative assessment which was then confirmed with in-depth interviews of wholesale account buyers.

    Moved from highly positive on the stock to highly negative in space of four weeks. Alerted client a few days prior to the earnings call where company then surprised and confirmed our negative read by lowering forward guidance.

    Stock immediately fell by more than one-fifth the day after the call and continued its movement downward throughout the following weeks.

  2. Thesis

    Case Study: International Consumer Brand

    A company’s products had exploded on the scene in the United States starting in 2001. Demand seemed to move ever upward, and the core question the investor had was:

    When will demand in the US reach its natural plateau as a result of saturation?

  3. Approach


    Case Study: International Consumer Brand

    Field work conducted across the United States and the United Kingdom.

    In–store set spanned direct–to–consumer full price and outlet retail stores as well as key department store wholesale accounts.

    Longitudinal design with in–store visits conducted every four weeks at the same locations each time.

  4. Data


    Case Study: International Consumer Brand

    Stores broken down into pricing, merchandise assortment proportions, promotional details, traffic and trial levels. Reports showing state-of-the brand delivered monthly, with immediate reassessment from “Green” in one month to “Red” the following month based on proprietary data collection methodology and resulting analysis.

  5. Results


    Case Study: International Consumer Brand

    In 2012 after spotting critical on–floor markdowns, turned the assessment on the company from highly positive to highly negative. Company earnings call days later confirmed negative assessment with negative forward guidance.

    Stock fell sharply the next day losing one-fifth of its value overnight and continued to fall throughout the next weeks and months.

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Consumers know no borders. Neither do we.

Our team of highly educated, highly trained in-store researchers is in 75 urban, suburban, and rural markets throughout the US with 15 more in Germany, the UK, and Asia. We are where you are.

Elizabeth Haynes

Elizabeth Haynes

Founder, President

A former BCG consultant and executive in retail apparel and financial services, Elizabeth loves nothing more than rolling up her sleeves to answer questions generated by consumer businesses.

  • Head of Strategic Planning at Urban Outfitters where her team owned new concept ideation and financial modeling, launched the first–ever cross–functional strategic planning process, and re–designed the annual budget process for improved ROI and alignment with corporate goals

  • Head of eCommerce at Salvatore Ferragamo where she led the initial foray into eCommerce for the firm before re–orienting the online channel to more profitable, wholesale–led ventures.

  • Vice President of Finance at Merrill Lynch where she acted as chief–of–staff to the global wealth management CFO

  • Director in Sales and Marketing at Charles Schwab and Co. where she held P&L responsibility for the largest customer segment’s marketing programs

  • Member of the Consumer and Retail Practice at The Boston Consulting Group

  • Project management lead and external change agent for troubled firms across the consumer and financial retail landscape.

  • Magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard University

Elisha Sullivan
Tom Wildes

Our employees span a range of disciplines to bring their unique skill sets to bear across our operations and within our datasets and reporting.

  • Elisha received her M.A. in Economics with a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics from Kansas State University.

  • Tom graduated from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, with a Bachelor of Information Technology.

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