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Pulling from across our range, we deliver what you need, how you need it. With custom data and analysis, we’ve got you covered in consumer and retail.



Our method brings structured observation to the store, the local government office, even the neighborhood block. Combining human fieldwork with systematic data collection across national and global locations, we’re so much more than channel checks.

Our Approach:

  • A team of highly educated college graduates from top schools and many completed graduate work.

  • Highly adaptive individuals able to handle complex qualitative and quantitative questions

  • Compliance approved and exclusive



Being hypothesis-driven allows us to zero in on a business’ leading indicators. We focus on the metrics that matter, automatically filter information, and deliver only what is needed for you to act with confidence.

Sample Questions:

  • Are promotions ramping up faster than anticipated and killing margin?

  • How big can a new vendor at WalMart really get? When will we see its sales plateau?

  • Do sales associates demonstrate my product first to customers?

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