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Senior Manager, Research Analysis and Execution

Analytical. Anticipatory. Efficient. Innovative. Dynamic.

If the above describe you, Haynes & Company is looking for you to join our team!


Haynes & Company (H&Co) is a consultative research and analysis firm that works with hedge funds, private equity firms, and consumer companies. Be it publicly traded stocks and bonds; portfolio company due diligence; or helping in the management of an ongoing businesses, our approach to research is unique: it relies on complex, in-person observations which are paired with internal analysis to deliver leading-edge knowledge. We unlock insight to answer our clients’ hardest riddles, presenting solutions that are innovative, creative, and data-driven to hedge funds and private-equity firms, product manufacturers and specialty retailers.
Based in the Philadelphia-New York City corridor, H&Co is a growing start-up with a need for smart people who go the extra mile in order to help us reach our goals. This role is a work-from-home opportunity that can be based throughout the United States (except California). We are looking to add to our team with a new Senior Manager, Research Analysis and Execution.

The REQUIRED DUTIES of the Senior Manager, Research Analysis and Execution span our entire business, from ongoing client engagements to living at the edge of a ‘start-up’ through new business development and execution. Specifically:

Serve as lead analysis manager for existing client engagements

• Oversee and maintain research design
^ Build changes into online survey utilizing cloud-based Fluid Survey software
^ Revise and share out to researchers data collection items required for successful completion of assignment drawing on (and discovering the best) applications from text files to Evernote
^ Update and maintain researcher training choosing among conference calls, video clips, and online modules

• Ensure 100% data integrity in our surveys through robust data quality control (QC) after submission
^ Follow internal processes to review, log, and fix survey errors, including communication with researchers to clarify details and/or request edits
^ Work to a 100% daily service level so that all surveys are error-checked and communicated about within one business day of submission
^ Improve the surveys and survey data collection items used by researchers to minimize future data errors

• Iterate and maintain client-facing business intelligence reports and dashboards inside Excel and Tableau, our two primary business intelligence applications
^ Deliver monthly reports for client consumption via email and conduct follow-up phone calls
^ Evolve reporting as needed to meet changing research design and/or client demands
– Determine both the internal and external reporting and analysis needs
– Break them down into build specifications for our Senior Manager, Business Intelligence
– Using that specification, work as a team to build the needed changes and communicate progress via a clearly articulated project plan

• Conduct ad-hoc analysis to complement existing reports

• Conduct online and social media research to integrate into research design and analysis

Own new client engagements from research design to analytics and final report, working alongside the President

• Select research design elements (e.g., in-store quantitative, in-store and phone qualitative, customer intercept surveys) and write and implement as needed for a given engagement
^ Work with Research Operations team to manage research assignments including building and communicating schedule(s)
^ Write and finalize all needed questionnaires
^ Build online surveys utilizing cloud-based Fluid Survey software
^ Design and share out to researchers all data collection items required for successful completion of assignment drawing on (and discovering the best) applications from text files to Evernote
^ Write and deliver researcher training choosing among conference calls, video clips, and online modules

• Build data quality control (QC) rules and implement process internally to complete QC

• Specify desired data analytics, ranging from traditional statistical metrics to creation of custom scoring methodologies, and work with internal Business Intelligence team to implement inside Excel and/or Tableau

• Deliver bespoke reporting to client

• If ongoing project, enact needed improvements / iterations and delineate the ongoing execution procedures to enable the transition from start-up project to an ongoing concern with oversight and ownership by a lead analysis manager

Our ideal candidate is someone who seamlessly blends the theoretical with the practical and delights in seeing his or her ideas come to life.

Personal qualities ABOUT YOU include:
• Independent worker unfazed by juggling multiple streams of work simultaneously with concurrent deadlines. Can manage multiple tasks at once and adjust priorities (while communicating outward) based on workload, personal judgment, and direction from management or internal/external team members.
• Determined and resilient in order to accomplish what needs to be done, and loves the thrill of having his/her hands in multiple areas of the business and thrives on seeing how they interconnect for success.
• Capable of and comfortable with pattern recognition within data. Pattern recognition, whether in service of groundbreaking insight or ensuring clean and accurate data, is core to what we do.
• Confident and poised without ego or drama.
• Can think on your feet, even anticipating what is next in order to get it done before being asked.
• Hardworking and diligent – some might even describe you as intense – while also knowing how to take a break, have a good time, and come back refreshed and ready to tackle the next challenge.
• Client service focused, as we exist only because we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.
• Innately curious with a hunger to always know more, whether at a technical, operational, or personal skills level, and not afraid to ask questions of oneself and others.
• Personally interested in retail, consumers, the ways in which we shop, and how it all connects financially on the bottom line
• Highly logical and organized in everything you do, from your inbox to your thought processes.
• Ethically beyond reproach.
• Entrepreneurial in attitude and excited at the opportunity to join a new and growing business and be a part of its trajectory.
• Adept at working from home with the ability to demonstrate success in a non-traditional, unstructured work environment.

The QUALIFICATIONS we seek include:
• BA / BS degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or any discipline in the Social Sciences or other highly technical field that has required you to work extensively with data. Graduate work is preferred but not required.
• Several years past work experience in any of the following fields: management consulting; account management; financial / tax / intellectual property law; financial planning and analysis. Exposure to and/or certification in Six Sigma or Lean Operations techniques greatly helpful.
• Need to have demonstrated experience in and be able to discuss some type of work or project that has involved complex and interconnected data sets.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills especially in narrative storytelling with data. A writing sample is highly encouraged as part of your application.
• High degree of comfort with spreadsheets and Excel; understanding of or exposure to relational databases helpful but not required.
• Comfortable with technology including learning new programs and applications independently and being able to troubleshoot one’s own technical roadblocks.
• Understanding of core financial concepts such as revenue, COGS, gross margin, and operating margin.
• Ability to work remotely on one’s own and with other team members distributed across the United States and abroad.

COMPENSATION is competitive and includes a performance bonus as well as the benefit of working from home on a flexible schedule. An individualized benefits package covering health insurance premiums and retirement savings is offered.

TO APPLY please submit a resume, cover letter, and optional professional writing sample via email to [email protected] with “Senior Manager, Research” in the subject line.