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Working with Financial Documents

Read the data with years of experience gained where it matters most:
In the trenches

Stop Wondering.
Start Acting.

We offer comprehensive consumer-sector solutions for today’s institutional investors and the businesses they invest in with one goal in mind: solve your most challenging riddles for optimized returns.

Unlock the power of our financial research and analysis to make trading decisions with confidence and clarity.

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Bespoke Methodology

Our work goes beyond standard channel checks or market research reports and provides custom intelligence built off proprietary methodologies that hone in on your core questions.


Personalization is central to tailoring, adapting, customizing and modifying analysis
Helping to untangle the data and light a path forward

How We Work with You

We take your hypothesis or business questions and zero in on the leading indicators for a business or vertical. We focus on the metrics that matter, help filter pertinent information, and deliver the analysis you need to act with confidence.


What We Deliver

We deliver customized research and deliver timely time analytics, output, and visualizations. Whether you are interested in monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual analysis or a one-off custom read, our team can meet your needs.


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Our markets worldwide

Where We Are

Haynes & Co. is on the ground - locally, nationally, and internationally. Our highly adaptive, college-educated corp of in-field research data collectors is trained to handle complex qualitative and quantitative data in any setting.


Become A Client!

Do you have a hypothesis in mind? Need real-time retail data to help make important decisions? Have an itching question you want to turn into actionable data? Contact our team to discuss how Haynes & Company can address your needs and help answer your questions! 


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