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What We Offer

Haynes & Company is uniquely situated to provide our clients with the best in-field research collected from retail locations and markets around the world. No project is too big for our team! 

Our proprietary methodology and ability to source the best in-field researchers from across the globe allow us to provide customized data and customized output answering your most pressing questions. 

We offer so much more than just channel checks!

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Bespoke Methodology

Every project is customized and tailored to meet your specific needs! Whether you are interested in data as basic as store traffic & buyer conversions or as complicated as due diligence work, our team can develop a methodology that will provide answers to your target questions. Our methodology combines structured observation with human fieldwork, resulting in systematic and replicable data collection across national and international locations. 

We Specialize In:

  • In-Field Data Collection for Investment Institutions, Retail and Consumer Goods partners 

  • Due Diligence for Real Estate, Health Care, and Consumer Goods 

  • Competitive Brand & Retailer Analysis 

  • Baseline data collection for hypothesis testing

  • Large-scale Consumer Surveys 

  • Survey Creation and Analysis 

  • Public Information Collection and Analysis

  • In-Depth Interviews Guide Development

  • In-Depth Interviews with Industry Experts

  • Focus Group Development and Analysis 

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Market Research and Analysis 

How We Work with You

Every project is unique and every client is unique! Haynes & Co. has experience working at all levels of retail, from bargain discount chains to luxury brands. We have piloted over 100 in-field collection projects with data collection conducted in 200+ different retail names. We work directly with you to determine the project scope, decide on the key business questions, create custom metrics, and visualize reports that are truly yours. 

Key Business Questions May Include:

  • What does foot traffic look like at a specific retailer?

  • How many shoppers is a specific retailer converting into buyers? 

  • How do foot traffic and conversions compare across retailers? 

  • What macro traffic and conversion trends are being seen across a vertical? 

  • What do inventory levels in a specific department at a retailer?

  • What do inventory levels look like across departments at a retailer? 

  • What categories at a retailer appear to be thriving or struggling? 

  • How much inventory is on promotion? How deep are discounts?

  • What are experts in the field saying about inventory levels? 

  • How concerned are experts in the field about promotions? 

  • What environmental factors, such as supply chain concerns, are specific retailers facing? 

What We Deliver 

Our expertise in the field lives at the root of all of our deliverables, but the way clients receive data is highly customizable. Our goal is to provide clients with data in the format that best helps narrate the health of a business for them and highlights answers to key hypotheses. We combine all custom output with unmatched access to our research team for follow-up communication, questions, and calls. 

Output May Include:

  • Customized Tableau Visualizations 

  • Raw Excel / Google Sheet Data Output 

  • Tailored Pivot Tables 

  • Consumer Surveys

  • Detailed promotional data 

  • Frequency & Distribution Charts 

  • Public Information data 

  • In-Depth Interview Highlights and Key Take-Aways

  • Full In-Depth Interview Transcripts 

  • Physical site analysis for due diligence projects 

  • Photographs directly from the field for any in-field or due diligence projects

  • Because each project is custom, our team can work with you to provide the output options that are best suited to your needs 

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