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Where We Are

What sets Haynes & Company apart is our ability to quickly and efficiently deploy in-field researchers no matter where a project takes us. With access to more than 800 in-field Researchers in the US, EU+UK, Canada, Asia, and Australia, our nimble Talent + Operations team keeps us fully staffed with the best and brightest field researchers who can be deployed quickly and efficiently into the field. 

We have collected data from literally hundreds of retailers! We have experience in every channel of the retail landscape - from discount to luxury chains - and we know how to capture data in every the trickiest of retail spaces. 

International, National, Regional, or Local 

Every project can be customized to collect data from any number of markets. Whether the data you are after would be best collected in international, national, regional, or local markets, we can easily scale a project to the best number of markets to answer your target questions! 

National Scope

US national locations

Regional Scope

California regional locations

Local Scope

Bay Area local locations

Luxury, Retail, Wholesale, Discount 

In addition to collecting data from stores worldwide, we have experience in every channel of the retail landscape. Our team will work with you to decide the best channels from which to collect data to yield optimum results. As you can see, we have experience collecting data at many popular names, as well as some lesser-known stores. 

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